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Special “Decisions, Decisions” E-dition



Reducing the Number of Choices Might Be A Solution


At this morning’s meeting of the Conservative Agenda, Political Insiders were asking Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane about all those e-ditions The Blower’s been publishing these days.

“Obviously, the number of page-views on our Web Page has really increased, but there was one drawback,” Kane explained. “It seems one of our ‘Persons of Consequence’ the gals in the office call our ‘Constant Critic’ has found something new to complain about.”

“How come I only used to get one e-mail advisory each day way back when The Blower posted a new e-dition, and now sometimes I get between three and six? One time I even got seven.” CC grumbled.

“Maybe it’s because we only used to publish one really long e-dition every day, and now we’re breaking it up into shorter e-ditions. Each time we publish something new, we advise all of our Persons of Consequence who’ve requested to be on our e-mail list that there’s something new and wonderful to read,” we kept trying to explain to him.

image010And in case somebody hasn’t noticed, we’re now only 1,169 days away from Election Day during the most dynamic Presidential Re-Election in American history. There’s so much for a Satirical Political Publication like The Blower (currently being considered for a Political Another Satire Award) to write about. Historians and Political scientists will no doubt be writing about Trump’s First Term for the next 50 years.

image010And we’re particularly sorry about the effect multiple daily e-ditions have on people who work in government offices. But they really should be receiving The Whistleblower-Newswire on their home computers anyway, because The Blower has never approved of public servants reading our trash on the over-taxed payers’ dime (except when they have something to snitch).