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Special “Naked Lady Political Pictures” E-dition


What a Difference A Year Makes
     Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane says think of how much things have changed in since August 1 last year. Whistleblower Naked News Correspondent Oliver Klozhoff was getting a lot of complaints about The Blower’s “Naked Future First Lady Photographs” E-dition, after we showed you the New York Post’s nude 1995 photo of Donald Trump’s wife Melania with the headline: “The Ogle Office.”

Deviant DemoRATS had immediately called for “equal time” and demanded that The Blower publish pictures of nude or at the very least scantily clad Desirable DemocRAT Candidates, since the Fairness Doctrine required us to present contrasting viewpoints on controversial issues of public importance.

That’s why The Blower was proud to present that authentic photograph of “Hillary Appearing At A Rally Completely Nude In Bid For Authenticity” that had appeared in the Onion. You can see that story HERE!

 More Naked Lady Political Pictures Later