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Tonight’s Really Big Sight-And-Sound Bites

Last Night in our “Tuesday Triumphs” E-dition, The Blower featured the Top Ten Things we learned from watching yesterday’s media hysteria over Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a lady Russian who was supposed to give him damaging information about Crooked Hillary.

We Knew The Attack Trump Media Would Go Crazy Today, But Check Out All These Headlines




Trump Defends Son’s Meeting With Russian Lawyer: ‘Many People Would Have Held That Meeting’


Trump: ‘Greatest Witch Hunt In Political History,’ Son ‘Open, Transparent, Innocent’

Donald Trump, Jr: ‘In Retrospect I Probably Would Have Done Things A Little Differently’

Dershowitz: Donald Trump, Jr. Didn’t Do Anything Illegal

Legal Scholar Scoffs at Claims Trump Jr. Guilty of ‘Treason’

Mueller To Probe Trump Jr.’S Emails About Russia Meeting

2 DemocRATS Have Drawn Up Article Of Impeachment Against President Trump…

Journo Melts Down After Trump Jr. Scoops Him

Gavin Newsom: Russia Story Is ‘A Loser,’ ‘Doesn’t Do Anything for the Democratic Party’


Sebastian Gorka Tells CNN Host That More People Watch Nick-At-Nite Than Them

Maine DemocRAT Rep Makes Physical Threat Against ‘Pussy’ Trump

DemocRATS Intentionally Used Disinformation From Russia To Attack Trump, Campaign Aides


Brazile To Publish Book That Outlines ‘Missteps’ Leading To Trump Election

Hollywood Sounds Off on Trump Jr. Email: ‘U Are a ‘Dick Junior’

Media, DemocRATS Stretch Mightily to Accuse Trump Jr. of Lawbreaking

Pelosi Refers to Trump As ‘President Bush’ Yet Again

FEC Commissioner Now Going After Right Wing Media Over Russian ‘Collusion’


Video: MSNBC Cuts Lindsey Graham’s Audio When He Starts Talking About The Clinton Campaign Meeting With Russians

Senator Asks Why Russian Attorney Was Allowed To Come To US Without Visa

FBI Document Dump Reveals Secrets Of Clinton Probe As New Director Nominee Faces Senate

Politics Senator Asks Why Russian Attorney Was Allowed To Come To US Without Visa

And If You Think All That Anti-Trump Coverage Was Over-The-Top, Check Out This Morning’s Front Page In The Fishwrap.

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Tonight’s Ben Garrison Moment

​”Nothing Burger vs. Something Burger 

Hillary once proclaimed that her email scandal was “a big nothing burger.” If that were the case she wouldn’t have destroyed cell phones with a hammer. She wouldn’t have lied about the amount of classified material in her email. She wouldn’t have used a program called ‘Bleach Bit’ on her illegal server—a serve that had no safeguards and could be readily hacked by anyone. As it turned out, Seth Rich leaked info to WikiLeaks and he was murdered as a result. 

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