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Special “Political Advertising Awards” E-dition


These May Be The Best Political Commercials You’ll See All Year

Yesterday evening at the Conservative Agenda cocktail party, Political Insiders were asking Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane about the most important local 2017 races in only 132 more days. Would it be the mayor’s race in Cincinnati? Probably not. What about all those clowns running for Cincinnati City Clown-cil? As Crooked Hillary says, “What difference does it make.”

“The race we’ll be paying the most attention to would surely be Andy Pappas’ Anderson Township Trustee Race,” Kane explained, “so citizens of Anderson can have a trustee with integrity and class who will listen to the concerns of citizens and will keep those concerns in mind at all times.” Will The Blower be covering that race? You bet! As the official voice of the Conservative Agenda and the publication of record for all patriotic proceedings in America

“Plus, with Andrew The Greek in the race, we know we could be in for some great TV Commercials,” Kane added. “Maybe we’ll see a commercial like this, the last time Andy ran for Anderson Township Trustee.”

Everybody’s hoping Andy with remake his “Eye of the Pappas” commercial from last year’s Hamilton County Commissioner campaign.

“But one thing’s for sure,” says Andy, “since the ‘Pappas Mobile’ is going to be such a big part of my campaign, everybody will want to see that again.”

Do you think there’s a chance we’ll see the Pappas Mobile at next Tuesday’s Holy Homophobic Heterosexual Fourth of July Day Parade in Anderson?image017image018