Special “Thursday’s Tactics” E-dition

BREAKING: Trump Says He Has No Tapes Of Conversations With Comey

Once again, Donald Trump drives MSM crazy by leading them on a wild goose chase. He also manages a masterful troll to keep Comey honest.

Trump Shows His Support For Nancy Pelosi


Trump: Mexico Border Wall May Be Solar Wall

Johnny Depp Says He Wants to Assassinate President Trump

.@Liz_Wheeler’s Message To Senate GOP: Repeal Obamacare, Already!

Gowdy Wonders Why DNC Didn’t Turn Over Hacked Server: ‘There May Be Something They Didn’t Want Law Enforcement to See’

Watch Jon Ossoff Do A Lame Imitation Of Obama In His Concession Speech

Kurtz: Dems Depressed After Georgia Loss

DCCC’s Alternate Reality


Tucker: The Left Wrecked My Alma Mater, Trinity College

Pelosi Criticizes DemocRATS For Using GOP Lines Against Her

Debbie Wassermann Schultz Claims Jeh Johnson Not Telling Truth, Says DHS Let Russia Stay On Their Server For Year

DemocRAT Congressman Vela: Pelosi Must Go

Students Say Term “Radical Islam” Is Too Offensive To Use

Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Senate Health Care Secrecy

Watch Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin Set the Record Straight on FAKE NEWS

TORNADO!!!!! (You Won’t Watch This Just Once, People)


What Was James Comey Doing At The NY Times Today?

Now Here’s Tonight’s Fake News Fun From The Onion

Trump Accidentally Records Over Comey Meeting Tape With Idea For Candy Hotel

WASHINGTON—Brainstorming the wondrous features and amenities as they came to him in a flash of inspiration, President Donald Trump on Wednesday accidentally recorded over the tape containing his meetings with fired FBI Director James Comey with an idea for a candy hotel. “There could be a revolving door made out of peppermint swirl, and then you walk in, and there’s a giant lobby with chocolate fountains, peanut brittle columns, and beautiful rock candy chandeliers,” said Trump into a handheld cassette recorder, replacing over 90 minutes of crucially important conversations that could be used as key evidence in determining whether obstruction of justice occurred with musings about a gumdrop garden and olympic-sized pudding pool. “The ballroom could have a hard caramel floor with ornate wall designs carved into stucco made from nougat, and then red taffy curtains and a Jolly Rancher piano—oh, and all the beds would be made out of marshmallow, and the sheets could be cotton candy.” After realizing his mistake, Trump reportedly became paranoid that if the FBI got access to the tapes, they could steal his idea.

Tonight’s Ben Garrison Moment

“Ossoff Made an Ass of”
My take on the Georgia special election won by Karen Handel. The biggest loser was the DNC, spending a whopping 50 million on the race to replace Rep. Tom Price in the US House. Liberal hack Mr. Madow blamed “bad weather” for Jon Ossoff’s crushing defeat. 
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The Whistleblower Newswire Is Your Official Publication of Record For The Conservative Agenda

Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane Says The Conservative Agenda Is Now Working On Donald Trump’s Second 100 Days To Make America Great Again. Today Is Day Number 156. There Are Now Only 1,229 More Days Until Trump’s Re-election Day on November 3, 2020.