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Special “It’s Mayday in America!” Edition

MONDAY, MAY 1, 2017

What a Difference Four Years Makes

OBAMA’S FIRST 100 DAYS: Think of how much things have changed since May 1, 2013. We were watching the White House Press Conference, after Obama (unlike Trump these days)  had struggled to pass key components of his second term agenda during the first 100 days. Did Obama really say, “Maybe I should just pack up and go home?”


THE LATEST POLLS: Whistleblower Pollster Ron Rasmussen said only 2% favored Congress exempting itself from ObamaCare. Voters couldn’t be much clearer: Members of Congress and their staffers must be subject to the full requirements of Obama’s national health care law, just like the rest of us. (The Blower wonders how our Crooks In Congress will handle this in their ObamaCare replacement.)

HERE’S WHAT WE’VE LEARNED SO FAR FROM THE BOSTON MASSACRE: The War on Terror was not over. Islam was not a peaceful religion. Racial Profiling works. And Political Correctness Kills.

STATE-SPONSORED TERRORISM: The Tsarnaev family, including the suspected terrorists and their parents, had benefited from more than $100,000 in over-taxed payer-funded assistance — a bonanza ranging from cash and food stamps to Section 8 housing from 2002 to 2012. Was Obama’s America a great place to live or what?


POETIC JUSTICE: Twinkies Return (Union Free).

image007HURLEY THE HISTORIAN says on this date in 1931, President Herbert Hoover officially dedicated New York City’s Empire State Building, pressing a button from the White House that turned on the building’s lights. The Whistleblower learned that Hoover’s gesture was only symbolic, because while the president remained in Washington, someone else flicked the switches in New York. The Whistleblower also learned that although the Empire State Building opened in 1931, King Kong didn’t actually scale the skyscraper until 1933.

NO WONDER OUR QUOTE FOR TODAY COMMITTEE chose An optimist is someone who falls off the Empire State Building and after 50 floors says, ‘So far so good!'”

IN COLUMBUS: In Columbus, Buckeye Bureau Chef Gerry Manders said no sooner had the Republican State Central Committee selected Tax Scofflaw Matt Borges to be their new Party Boss instead of TEA Party Rabble-Rouser Tom Zawistowski, the Party sent out an e-mail groveling for a $5, $25, $55 or more donation “right now” and show your support for our new Chairman. The Blower wonders how all our TEA Party Patriots on the mailing list reacted to that message.

Also in Columbus, Republicans for Higher Taxes was celebrating the election of convicted criminal and serial tax cheat Matt Borges to be the next Ohio Republican Party Chairman. They asked everyone to give Borges a piece of advice as he prepares to take the throne.

image010STILL CALLING ALL TRI-STATE JOURNALISTS! On May 1, 2013, The Cincinnati Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists were still looking for Your Best Work from 2010. Send in your entries today. Contact Tom McKee, Greater Cincinnati SPJ President, at Channel 9 “Substantially True” News.

IN CLERMONT COUNTY: TEA Party Guy Ted Stevenot wondered if you could guess what the top 100 average 2012 salaries were for the Milford Exempted Village and West Clermont School districts. Do you think those schools just might have had a stealth tax hike on the March 7 ballot? BTW, had the MILF-ord Board of Education ever done anything to collect all that over-taxed payers’ money they were supposed to get for Obama VP Buffoon Joe Biden’s Mediscare Stump Speech at the MILF-ord High School cafeteria in September?

IN ANDERSON: would our TEA Party Patriots be publishing similar information, since the Forest Gump School District was trying to sneak through its own Stealth Tax increase? You couldn’t say The Blower didn’t try to warn you. 

 image012Also at the Anderson Government Center, many good seats were still available for that night’s meeting of the Anderson Township Republican Club Including Newtown and Mt. Washington when Hamilton County RINO Party Boss Alex T., Mall Cop GOP would not only update the group on DemocRAT Voter Fraud in Hamilton County, but would also share the latest on his criticism of Demo-Labor Party Boss Tim Burka for endorsing incompetent black DemocRAT women like Juvenile Court Judge Tracie Hunter, attorney Janaya Trotter who last year unsuccessfully challenged Republican Prosecutor “JayWalking Joe” Deters, and new Cincinnati City Councilwoman Pamula Thomas. 

BTW, Republican Hamilton County Commission President Chris Monzel said Incompetent Black Woman Judge Tracie Hunter would not be getting any over-taxed payers’ money to hire her own lawyer to defend herself against two lawsuits filed by The Fishwrap and a third suit from Channel 9 “Substantially True” News, and how dare she throw Perry Kimball out of her courtroom.

SEVENTY-SIX TROMBONES: Our reader Edna writes in: “After you mentioned hiring a band to play when Cincinnati police chief James Craig resigns to go to Detroit, I asked my lunch friends how much they’d be willing to contribute to hire a brass band to serenade him on his way out. We have $231.47 committed, so far.” Only trouble is, even a city like Detroit doesn’t want Craig. Sadly, I think we are stuck with him for the present time.

CONGRESSIONAL CARP: Ohio Second District Congressman “Bronze Star Brad” Wenstrup (now a full Bird Colonel) hoped to get his name in The Fishwrap by promoting Free Fishing Days in Ohio. Unlicensed anglers could pick up their Free Fishing Licenses at his District Office, conveniently located at 7954 Beechmont Avenue in Anderson Township.


LEGAL UPDATE: When The Blower beat Eric “Call Me Crazy” Deters’ brains out after he tried to sue us for libel, it wasn’t the first local libel case we’d covered. Bluegrass Bureau Chief Ken CamBoo remembers 22 years before (when The Whistleblower used to be printed and delivered all over town) Edition #48, which came out on April 30, 1991 featured a story about how the U.S. Supreme Court upheld The Blower’s right to call the now defunct Kentucky Post a “libelous rag.”  

ALSO IN NoKY: Boondoggle County Judge Executive Gary NO Moore and Campbell County Judge Executive Steve “Don’t Call Me Carrot-Sticks” Spendery traveled to Frankfort so Spendery could give NO Moore some nursing home beds.  Yes, these two “leaders” appeared in a hearing to ask the legislature to approve a run-around of the current regulations for a private business transaction. Both provided testimonies on contradiction to the point where it became an indoor sport for the legislators. Their amendment was denied, but this only came after NO Moore stated he had the roads and this was for his people and Spendery said that he did not need the beds for the next ten years-like NO Moore would give them back. One legislator commented that Spendery had no hope for his county and then mentally locked up both judges when they asked them if the roads just went one way: from Campbell to Boondoggle?

2014 Campbell Judge Candidate Kevin “Give Em Hell” Sell wasted no time issuing a press release after receiving the hearing records. Give Em Hell said he was “sick and tired” of Campbell County always being the sacrificial lamb for the sake of NO Moore and Sendery’s regionalism. NO Moore smiled and said he always likes this approach because he has roads and he did think that I-275 was west bound only. Yes readers, there is a carrot-sticks picture…..this is to be continued.

In other action, The Blower was again ahead of The Fishwrap on late-breaking news in the NoKY GOP.  Seems they were having a Lincoln Dinner in June. Sources said that Massie, McConnell, and the NoKY TEA Party were the speakers.  That’s right, they added the TEA.  Area Republicans were wondering what the hell this meant and D-RATS had said this was great news, since things like this always help them.  The Blower was not sure that McConnell actually knew this, we thought it should be fun to watch.

FINALLY AT YESTERDAY’S BRIBE LUNCH where a politician was trying to get some unsubstantiated rumor about his opponent in The Blower, Charles Foster Kane was talking about all those Liberal cartoons mocking the Bush Library (especially that one in The Fishwrap), and our Beloved Whistleblower Publisher said, “Can you imagine they’ve already built the Obama Presidential Library, and it’s already full of everything he knows.



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