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Special “Whistleblower News Judgment” E-dition



When The Blower Speaks, Many People Listen

image006Sometimes when The Blower reports about an event, we wonder just how newsworthy that item really was, but usually within days, 18 other Conservative Web Pages run the same item, so it pretty much validated our “news judgment.”  

After all, since The Blower is the Conservative publication of record for all the political scrambling, speculation, mud-slinging, and back-stabbing anywhere we find it, members of The Conservative Agenda know to expect nothing less.

Take, for example, last night’s Fake News Alert when The Blower showed how all those Obama Supporters In The Press had falsely portrayed the New England Patriots visit to the White House.


Today The Blaze said: “NY Times Photos Show Fewer New England Patriots Visiting Trump Than Obama. Then The Truth Emerges.” 

People Politics said: “Patriots Defend Photo Showing Smaller Group for Trump’s White House Visit Than The 2015 Obama Visit”


Sports Illustrated said: Patriots clarify White House turnout photos for President Obama vs. President Trump”

The Kansas City Star said: “Patriots, President Trump Fire Shots At New York Times Over Photo Comparison” Donald Trump Took To Twitter And Slammed The New York Times After The Patriots Exposed The Misleading Picture.

And Here Was The Response From The New York Times 

So why didn’t we see a story In The Fishwrap explaining how the media uses out-of-context photos to trash Donald Trump every chance they get?

We’re sure The Fishwrap’s multiple Pulitzer Prize-winning editor who has spearheaded meaningful journalism and digital advances at numerous news sites across the country explained all that when he BSed that virtual class about media bias in Springdale Wednesday night.