Daily Archives: April 5, 2017

Special “Alternate Approaches” E-dition

The busiest intersection in the Tri-State at Beechmont Avenue and Five Mile Road in Anderson Township is now “officially closed” because paving on the World’s Most Expensive Left Turn Lane has finally begun.

Meanwhile, Addled Andersonians are now desperately trying to find alternate routes to get where they need to go, including Charles Foster Kane’s Lovely Lady Limozette, who chauffeurs our Beloved Whistleblower Publisher on his 3.8 mile trip to the ME Lyons Pool every afternoon.

Venerable Former Anderson Trustee “In Russ We Trust” Jackson says it would only be a little further (4.1 miles vs 3.8 miles) if our Chaufferess Cutie took Berkshire to Clough. We’ll let you know how that works out tomorrow.

Note: WCPO-TV Helicopter Reporter Dan Carroll promised he’d get us an aerial shot of the construction, since he swims at the ME Lyons Pool too.