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“Recent E-dition” Update (Sunday, January 15)


Sunday, January 15 E-ditions

“Weekend Wrap-up” (And It’s Almost Time to Start on Next Week’s Reports!) 11:40 PM

“Weekend Wisdom” (Our Right-Wing Review Continues) 8:50 PM

Another “Comparative Countdowns” E-ditio(With Only Five More Days Till Inauguration) 5:45 PM

“Sunday Talk Show Analysis” (Without Having To Watch TV) 4:40 PM

“Political Posters” (Adding To Our Ever-Expanding Collection) 3:15 PM

“Sunday Sermon” (Today We’re Praying For A Peaceful Inauguration) 2:20 PM

Saturday, January 14 E-ditions

“The Week That Was” (It’s Over, Let It Go!) 6:15 PM

“Patronage County Today”
“Signs of the Times” by James Jay Schifrin) 5:35 PM

“Comparative Countdowns” (With Only Six More Days Till Inauguration) 

“Disingenuous DemocRAT Talking Points Memo” (Where Biased Local Newscasts Begin) 

“Political Posters” (The $6 Billion Mooch) 

“Saturday Morning Cartoons” (More Of The Best Damn Collection Of Political Cartoons On The Internet)