Special “Saturday Morning Cartoons” E-dition

This Morning, While Everybody Hereabouts Is Wondering How Many People Will Be Showing Up At Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane’s Surprise Birthday Party Tonight, Our Conservative Cartoonists Continue Their Caustic Commentary.

Today’s Political Cartoons

Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free Press

Expect This Battle To Continue For The Next 13* Days Until Noon on Inauguration Day When The Nation Can Begin To Undo All The Damage Obama Has Done.

*1,032 More “Dee-Days” If You Live In Anderson Township

The Whistleblower Newswire Is Your Official Publication of Record For The Conservative Agenda

Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane says the Conservative Agenda will now be working with the various parts of the Trump transition team selecting fellow conservative patriots who are willing to go to Washington to help our new President return to over-taxed payers the power taken from them in recent years by the Leftists.