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september-27-42-more-daysTUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2016
Today’s Good News And Bad News
From Our Local Political Junkie We’ll Call “Cincy Dave”

image008-copy-2-copyThe media consensus is that Hillary held her cool and did better than Trump, although Fox, of course, couldn’t quite come to that. The best they could do is say it was close or a draw. They also cited on-line polls of their viewers and Drudge readers that Trump won easily. The Trump campaign and Fox both complained about the moderator, claiming he was biased and unfair because he corrected a couple of outright lies by Trump, such as that he personally ended the Birther conspiracy and opposed the Iraq war. One possibly telling thing was that Trump skipped his own post-debate “victory party.” There were no big gaffes, just the usual lies, obfuscations and dodging the questions from both candidates, so it was disappointing for those who wanted to see a train-wreck. So it’s on to the next debate, which is supposed to be a town-hall style debate on October 9, about a week and a half from now. Maybe there will be a train-wreck there. image009-copy-2Altogether, last night’s debate will probably not change things much, but we will see in a couple of days if either one gets a little bounce in the polls.

The Trump Campaign’s website went down at the worst possible time – during the debate. Apparently, they didn’t expect a big spike in traffic, although most anyone else would have. Maybe they can get some help from the out-of-work IT professionals that used to work for Hillary – or maybe there’s some Russian computer specialists that would be more than willing to assist.

image011Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson is a complete idiot – not because he never heard of Allepo, even though he is running for president. It’s because of climate change. He is dumber than all the idiots that deny the science of climate change, although he believes climate change is real. He is even dumber than the ones that agree that climate change is real but believe it is not caused by human activity. He believes climate change is caused by people. But even though he believes that climate change is real and caused by humans, he doesn’t think we should do anything about it. The reason he doesn’t think we should do anything about it is the dumbest thing of all – he says that the sun is going to expand and destroy the earth in a few billion years, so why bother? Aside from being an idiot, you could say one other thing about Gary though – he’s taking the longest view of any issue that’s ever been taken by any politician in world history. You have to give him that.image010-copy 

Trump foreign policy advisor Carter Page is denying allegations that he met with Kremlin officials to discuss trade policy. Of course, he had little choice but to deny it because it is illegal for U.S. citizens to negotiate with foreign governments. He also said he is taking a leave of absence from the campaign. This was after campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway claimed that he was not part of the campaign. We wonder how anyone can take a leave of absence from a job they don’t have, but in politics anything is possible. Here’s more on this story: 

Another skirmish in the fight to suppress the vote ended with an appeals court ruling that Kansas, Alabama and Georgia can’t add a proof-of-citizenship requirement to federal voter registration forms. Proponents contended that the states had the right to make the rules but the court disagreed. This issue will be decided someday by the Supreme Court but not before a new justice is seated because the court is now split 4 to 4 on any contentious issues. Meanwhile, the appeals court ruling will stand for this year’s election.

Trump directed $3.2 million in income to his fake charity, the Trump foundation, to avoid paying income taxes, then used the funds in the foundation to help himself. This according to an article in the Washington Post. It does seem to answer the question of why people kept giving money to a foundation that Trump himself didn’t contribute to. 

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Union, otherwise known as ICE has endorsed Trump. This is the first time that they have ever endorsed a presidential candidate.

Colorado should worry Hillary a little bit and N.C. should worry Trump. He has been to N.C. about seven times in the last couple of months, so there’s not much more he can do about it.image006-copy-2-copy

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