Special “First Presidential Debate Preview” E-dition



And The Spinning Has Already Begun

image005The Counter at the lower right hand corner of the Whistleblower Newswire Web Page continues to click off the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until Monday’s First Presidential Debate, and the media keeps asking Donald Trump how he’s preparing for the biggest night of the campaign.

While Crooked Hillary is listening to a team of psychologists and advisors to teach her what to say, Trump says he’s turning to the very people who got him where he is today, his supporters.

That’s why the Trump Campaign is asking only his strongest supporters to take the TRUMP Debate Preparation Survey, and advise which of these issues we want Donald Trump to address on the debate stage, even if moderators fail to bring them up.  (Illegal immigration, Second Amendment rights, Fair trade, Radical Islamic terrorism, Cutting taxes, Reducing $19-trillion debt, Job creation, Energy independence, Proper veteran care, Social security/entitlements, ObamaCare, Protecting the life of the unborn, and School choice).

Other things they’d like to know include:

image005image007Should Trump focus more of his time attacking Hillary’s policies or defending his own agenda?

image005Should Trump should refer to Hillary as “Crooked Hillary” on stage?

image005Should Trump criticize Hillary for praising ObamaCare, which is now projected to once again raise premiums all across the country?

image005Should Trump call out Hillary for wanting to put coal miners out of business?

image005Should Trump criticize the Clinton Foundation’s corruption, and urge the Clintons to shut it down and return all foreign donations?

image005Should Trump call out Hillary’s reluctance to say “radical Islamic terrorism” and her underlying fear of being politically incorrect?

image005Should Trump contrast his tell-it-like-it-is attitude with Hillary’s running list of lies, corruption, and deceit?

image005Should Trump force Hillary to answer questions about her email scandal that the press still won’t ask?

image005Should Trump directly ask Hillary how it’s possible that she didn’t know how to identify confidential classified information?

image005Should Trump attack Hillary’s plan to grant citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants and refusal to secure the border?

image005Should Trump call out Hillary’s massive spending programs while our country is suffering from a $19-trillion debt?

image005Should Trump continue to quote Bernie Sanders who said that Hillary Clinton has “bad judgment”?

image005Should Trump show his commitment to ending business as usual in Washington by calling for term limits in Congress?

image005Should Trump call out Hillary for pretending to be against the trade failure of TPP, which she once called the “gold standard” of trade deals?

image005Should Trump contrast his America-first foreign policy with Hillary’s globalism?

image005Should Trump call out Hillary’s failed promise to bring jobs to upstate New York as senator?

image005Should Trump point to Hillary’s foreign policy failures including Iraq, Libya, Syria, Benghazi, and the failed “Russian Reset”?

image005Should Trump contrast himself as a tough negotiator with Hillary’s history of waging endless wars that fail miserably?

image005Should Trump continue to expose how Hillary and the Democrats have failed inner cities with big-government policies that create endless cycles of poverty and crime?

image005Do you think school choice, charter schools, and local decision-making should be key components of our country’s education policy?

image005Do you agree that raising taxes will stunt the economy, hurt middle-class families, and won’t even solve our growing debt crisis?

image005Do you agree that terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay should not be released and relocated to America as Obama suggests?

image005Do you agree that the Iran Deal, developed by Hillary, should be ripped up and renegotiated

image005Should Trump focus on his own experience living the American Dream, and his desire to make it accessible for ALL Americans?

image005Should Trump take this moment to show the American people he has actually created jobs and understands how to get stuff done?

image005Should Trump continue to describe himself as an outsider ready to take on the gridlock, corruption, and waste of Washington — everything that Hillary represents?

image007NOTE: Not on the list is what Trump should do during an emergency if Hillary goes into one of her frequent coughing fits on stage, or she suffers another of her many medical crises during the debate. Would the Trumpster be expected to rush to Hillary’s assistance and do everything possible to save her, apply first aid, including mouth-to-mouth resuscitation? No wonder they’re expecting such a big audience. 

To take the TRUMP Debate Preparation Survey, CLICK HERE.

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