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Today’s Good News And Bad News
From Our Local Political Junkie We’ll Call “Cincy Dave”

image006The good news is it’s only one week until the first debate. The bad news is that Trump is preparing by calling in to Fox News and others complaining about how the debates are going to be “rigged” against him. He probably thinks he’s going to get some hard questions that he won’t have a clue about. This way, he can hope that the moderators will soften their questions to make it easy on him, “just to be fair”. Also, he is setting the stage to claim later that the “rigging” is the reason he did so poorly. He expects to lose because he doesn’t know the first thing about government, economics, foreign policy or anything else associated with being president. If being president were merely a ceremonial job, like King of England, then he might be suited for it with enough training, but it is even too late in life for that. Most kings spend a good part of their life in training for the day they ascend to the throne.

image007 image008 BAD NEWS FOR HILLARY
Despite massive spending and a big ground game advantage, Hillary is apparently behind in Florida, which is the largest of all swing states. Hillary could afford to lose Florida and still win, but a win there would effectively shut out Trump. The election will likely be decided in Florida and Ohio.

Carl Bernstein, the news reporter of Watergate fame, has said that Libertarian VP candidate Bill Weld may drop out to help prevent Trump from winning. He said that Weld despises Trump and if it looks like he and Gary Johnson might get DT elected, he may quit. However, there was no confirmation from Weld or Johnson. Even if he did drop out, it wouldn’t have much impact because both Libertarian candidates’ names would still be on the ballot in all 50 states.    

White supremacists see Trump as their ‘last stand’ for controlling the country. Donald Trump and his campaign are expressing ideas similar to those espoused by white supremacists, legal, media and civil rights experts at the Southern Poverty Law Center say. Trump has flirted with these groups and their ideals through some of his campaign statements and platforms, including building a wall between the U.S.-Mexico border; a proposed ban on Muslims entering the country; planning to join Marco Rubio at what they consider an anti-LGBT event in Orlando on the two-month anniversary of the Pulse massacre; and the failure to image009immediately denounce the endorsement of David Duke, former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.  

According to RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, who appeared on CBS’s Face The Nation yesterday, the party may penalize those candidates who do not support Trump this time around. This was directed at people like Kasich, Ted Cruz, and Jeb Bush, who are expected to try again in 2020. He declined to state what the penalties may be, but we can speculate that the party could try to keep them from competing in primary debates and other party-sponsored events. (MORE)

Nothing new here – Minnesota is reliably Blue and Oklahoma is probably the reddest state that exists. Trump will probably win every county in that state.image012

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