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Today’s Good News And Bad News
From Our Local Political Junkie We’ll Call “Cincy Dave”

image004Last night’s so-called Commander-in Chief Forum turned out to be a real waste of everyone’s time.  It was mostly dull and boring, with everyone saying all the same things they have been saying for the past year.   The questioner, Matt Lauer wasted a huge amount of time asking questions about Hillary’s emails, as if we haven’t heard enough about that already, and her answers were the same as usual.   He should have listened to Bernie when he said that he had heard enough about her damn emails.  For Trump, he wants to get the military out of the Middle East and other parts of the world, but at the same time wants to build up the military.   That seems at cross purposes.    He doesn’t seem to know that we have, by far, the strongest military on Earth in terms of capability.  He maintained that he knows more than all the generals but “respects” them.   About the whole thing, The Daily Beast’s Tim Mak and Nancy A. Youssef wrote:  “Clinton came off as a defensive and lawyerly—technical where unnecessary, vague image044where details were necessary, or simply utterly wrong. Trump, meanwhile, assumed the role of a huckster—a man who praised Vladimir Putin while insulting female combat troops, correcting a veteran with an incorrect figure about suicide, and suggesting the military needed to be purged of its generals and admirals.”  Trump repeatedly referred to a list of retired generals who are supporting him, although it has been noted that none on the list were ever members of the Joint Chiefs or ever held a combat command.  Trump also continued the lie that he was against the Iraq war before it started.

FBI Director Comey said the decision not to bring charges against Hillary over the email controversy was not a cliff-hanger.   She is sure to use that in her responses to the never-image025ending questions about emails.

The bribery scandal involving Trump’s giving money to the Florida Attorney General is not going away, but instead is getting bigger.   It has been discovered that the $25,000 donation to her campaign from his “charity” in exchange for dropping the fraud case against Trump University was just the tip of the iceberg.   It seems that he also held a fundraiser for her at his Florida estate for which he billed his campaign $140,000 for the use of his mansion.   So this can also be considered what is known in politics as a “quid pro quo.”   All the juicy details of this one can be found here In January, Trump bragged about paying off politicians.  In his image045usual redundant and repetitive manner, he said, “I’ve got to give to them, because when I want something, I get it.  When I call, they kiss my ass.  It’s true. They kiss my ass. It’s true.”

MEXICO CITY — President Enrique Peña Nieto on Wednesday replaced his finance minister, widely seen as the architect of Donald Trump’s trip to Mexico, after the U.S. candidate’s visit caused a firestorm of protest here. Peña Nieto offered no explanation for the resignation of Luis Videgaray, one of his closest aides. But it came a week after the Mexican leader appeared to deferentially greet a politician who has antagonized Mexicans with his harsh image026criticism of immigrants and his vow to build a huge border wall Peña Nieto’s decision to host Trump has provoked one of his most severe political crises since he took office in 2012, with even his own cabinet deeply divided over the move. “The political cost [of the visit] was extremely high for Peña Nieto, and he was obliged to find someone to blame,” said Alberto Arnaut, a political science professor at the College of Mexico, explaining the minister’s departure. The Trump visit, he said, “was a monumental failure.”

Although North Carolina recently lost a voting rights court case involving voter I.D.s because it was shown that its intent was to reduce the black vote, they are still at it.   Apparently, North Carolina allows individual counties to set days and times of early voting.   So, not surprisingly, the counties with the largest black population have reduced the number of voting days.

The only surprise in this bunch is that it shows a close race in Arizona  – As expected, New England is for Hillary, Idaho is for Trump and Florida & Iowa are close.image006

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