Special “139 More Days Till The Election” E-dition

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More Bad News For Trump

image005Our Grump for Trump says the “stop Trump” Republicans haven’t given up and claim to have 400 delegates already lined up to vote against him at the Convention. Although bound to fail, they may create a splash and some entertainment. Hillary’s convention, by contrast, will have no drama so she is going to bring in professional entertainers – singers, celebrities and the like to boost interest. Hopefully, there will be some comedians too. Maybe the Big Dog will make an appearance, to the delight of lots of knee-pad liberal women.

Everyone is talking about how Trump’s campaign is nearly broke and has only $1.3 million. Trump ain’t fundraising and donors ain’t donating. He apparently thinks running for president is just attending pep rallies and sending out messages on Twitter. Again, by contrast, the Hill has 40-some million cash on hand and is raising and spending around 30 million-per-month. This buys lots of TV ads in swing states and pays for a virtual army of boots on the ground, knocking on doors, staffing field offices and talking to the media. The conventional wisdom is that Trump has no money, no staff, and no plan.

Trump has done a couple of things to try to change things. He has launched a new website called lyingcrookedhillary.com The site will supposedly have all the biggest lies that Hillary ever told. You can’t just go there though, because you have to send a text message first to get an access code and then agree to receive text messages from the Trump campaign. It is unlikely to change too many people’s minds about who they vote for because lots of people, including myself, would like to see what’s on there but don’t want to give out their cell phone number to any political campaign of either side so their phone can be flooded with requests for money.

Hillary should counter with her own website – dishonestdonald.com. (That’s got some nice alliteration when you say it.) It could contain not only The Donald’s lies but also his dishonest dealings like Trump University and the way he has stiffed so many contractors, workers and investors, while enriching himself. If she was smart, it would be a site that anyone could go to without giving their contact information. Maybe she can get her server back from the FBI in time to make use of it for the website.

The other thing Trump did to change the direction of his campaign (from heading down) was firing his campaign manager. That is not expected to change anything because, in reality, Trump was his own campaign manager, making every important decision and ignoring any and all advice from political professionals. Anyway, a replacement has not been named yet.

The best news is that the Debates have been scheduled already. Yaaaay! There are 3 scheduled, so mark your calendar, 9/26, 10/9 and 10/19. Be sure to have plenty of popcorn, chips and other junk foods. It will be great fun to watch all the lies, exaggerations, insults, slander, question dodging and outright BS. Is this a great country or what? We really know how to pick our leaders.image006image017 image018