Official “No Panty Day” E-dition


Happy No Panty Day, Everybody

If you think there was a long line of cars on June 3 waiting to turn into the drive-thru lane at Krispy Kreme on Beechmont Avenue for free doughnuts in Anderson, you should’ve seen the line of lovely ladies waiting to take part in today’s “No Panty Day” promotion at Anderson Trustee President/ Hamilton County Commissioner Candidate Andy Pappas’ Cleaner Concepts store, where Andy had promised “something special” for the first 103 women in line wearing no panties.image004 says even though “No Panty Day” shouldn’t be confused with National Underwear Day, the origins of this annual “holiday” are a bit murky. One theory suggests the event was added to Wikipedia’s International Observance Days either by mistake or as a hoax. Others believe the occasion may have started due to a similar garment-free observance, No Pants Day. But other theories suggest the event began due to the war back in the 1940s. In order to make their “knickers” last longer, women would simply go without.

Regardless of how the event got its start, now you’ve got the perfect excuse to go through your “drawers” and toss out those holey, stained and stretched out skivvies. Yessir, it’s time to give those tighty whities the old heave-ho even if they are your favorite, most favorite pair! Whether you prefer thongs, briefs, boxers, bikini-style or granny panties, today is about going au natural. It’s time to ditch the bloomers and go bare down there!

And speaking of holidays, June 22 is also National Onion Rings Day and Stupid Guy Thing Day, but the guys at The Blower liked our Official No Panties Day Promo better.

This Is Your Official “No Panty Day” Publication. Any other “No Panty Day” publication you may see is surely a fake.image003image007