Another “Same Time Last Year” E-dition


MONDAY, JUNE 13, 2016

What a Difference a Year Makes

Think of how much things haven’t really changed since this time in June during 2015, when The Blower published its Official “Republican Survey” E-dition.

image006image006We were Proud To Be An American because something very special had just arrived in the mail, and we couldn’t help feeling just a little proud and patriotic. We knew it had to be official, because inside the envelope was a letter was signed by The Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus himself. No kidding!

image006Hurley the Historian says he felt almost as patriotic as he did earlier this month in 1979, when John Wayne died. That day, Our Quote for Today Committee chose The Duke’s “Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway,” but the one The Blower likes best is “Life is hard; it’s harder if you’re stupid.” Because with then only 585 more days during the Dark Ages of Obama’s Second Term, our new best friend Reince (rhymes with “Heinz”) said we were among a select group of citizens who’d been especially chosen to take part in an official survey by a major political party.

It wasn’t just any old Robocall survey, because after compiling and modeling demographic information for the thousands of activists in the RNC database, we had been selected to represent voters in our area in the “Official 2015 Republican Strategery Survey.” It had been assigned and prepared especially for us, so we could represent the views and opinions of all the people living in our voting district. The official document even had an official registration number and a survey tracking number. It’s hard to get much more official than that.

image006image007Our immediate action was required and our answers to all the questions on the survey were vital, because they’d be used by a major political party to stop the creeping socialism, massive accumulation of federal debt, and economic stagnation that Obama’s policies have wrought upon our nation.

Because without our answers, the Party’s leaders would never know how real Americans just like us at the grassroots level really feel about the critical issues we wanted to see at the forefront of our candidates’ campaign platforms and at the top of our elected leaders’ agenda.

And without our answers, the Party couldn’t fully develop a campaign plan to organize and energize ordinary Americans, so they would get out and vote.

image006You can’t imagine humble it made us feel to know that the future of a major political party, and the conservative movement, and our national all depended on our answers to the questions in the Official 2015 Republican Strategery Survey to make sure Obama was only a two-term president.

image006image009Reince (rhymes with “Heinz”) wanted to know if we supported Republican efforts to reform entitlements, cut spending, and put our nation on track to a balanced federal budget without raising taxes.

image006Reince (rhymes with “Heinz”) wanted to know how the Republican Party should try to keep all those disruptive TEA Party Patriots under control.

image006Reince (rhymes with “Heinz”) wanted to know if we still supported a full repeal of the ObamaCare healthcare legislation that Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid passed without revealing its full details, ever-rising costs, and negative effects on quality, access, and affordability.

image006Reince (rhymes with “Heinz”) wanted to know if we agreed with Obama and the Disingenuous DemocRATS that higher tax rates and more federal spending are the keys to spurring economic growth.

image006Reince (rhymes with “Heinz”) wanted to know if we believed Obama has done enough to strengthen and improve border security.

image006Reince (rhymes with “Heinz”) wanted to know if we supported expanding offshore drilling and increasing exploration for domestic oil and gas reserves to lessen our dependence on imported fuels.

image006Reince (rhymes with “Heinz”) also wanted to know what we thought about the “myriad of Obama’s Scandals” we may have heard about on Fox News lately, and if Real Republicans in the House should begin Impeachment proceedings.

image006And if that wasn’t enough, Reince (rhymes with “Heinz”) also wanted to know which of his 2016 Republican Candidate we would be willing to support financially.  image010

Looking over Reince’s (rhymes with “Heinz’s”) 2015 List of 2016 Candidates today, aren’t you glad you didn’t send those bozos any money?image003image009