Special “Trump’s Presidential Qualifications” E-dition



Every day during the next 152 days until the 2016 Presidential Elections, you’ll her Hillary, Obama, Disingenuous DemocRATS, and Obama Supporters In The Press telling you Donald Trump does not have the qualifications to be President of These United States of America. 

First, Let’s See Who’s Against Trump

image006image004Obama is against Trump… Check

image006The Media are against Trump… Check

image006Establishment DemocRATS are against Trump… Check

image006Establishment Republicans are against Trump… Check

image006The Pope is against Trump… Check

image006The UN is against Trump… Check

image006The EU is against Trump… Check

image006image005China is against Trump… Check

image006Mexico is against Trump… Check

image006Soros is against Trump… Check

image006Black Lives Matter is against Trump… Check

image006Move On is against Trump… Check

image006Koch Brothers are against Trump… Check

image006Bushes are against Trump … Check

image006Planned Parenthood is against Trump….Check

image006image007Hillary and Sanders are both against Trump … Check

image006Illegal aliens are against Trump … Check

image006Islam is against Trump … Check

image006Kasich and Cruz are against Trump … Check

image006And All Hateful, Racist, Violent Liberals are all against Trump… Check


Trump MUST BE the Best Qualified Candidate we could ever have…

if you have so many political insiders and left wing nut cases are all scared to death, that they all speak out against him at the same time!!

image009Most of all, Trump will be the People’s Choice


image006He’s not a Lifetime Politician…Check

image006He’s not a Lawyer…..Check

image006He’s not doing it for the money…Check

image006image010He’s a Natural Born American Citizen born in the USA from American parents

Bonus points!

image006All of Obama’s Illegal Executive Orders Will Be Cancelled

image006Whoopi says she will leave the country…

image006Rosie says she will leave the country…

image006Sharpton says he will leave the country…

image006Gov. Brown says California will build a wall…

image006Cher says she will leave the country…

image006Cyrus says she will leave the country…

image006image013The Constitution and the Bill of Rights will prevail….

image006Hillary will go to jail…..

image006The budget will be balanced in 8 years….

image006Americans will have first choice at jobs…..

image006You will not be able to marry your pet….

image006You will be able to keep your gun(s) if you qualify… (Not a criminal, etc.)

image006Only Live Human American Registered Citizens can vote….

image006You can have and keep your own Doctor…..

image006You can say what you want without being called a racist….


Come to think of it, we have no place to go, but UPimage003image058