Special “Political Priorities” E-dition



More Lunatic Liberal Leadership

image005It’s just what the City of Cincinnati has been thirsting for all these years – a truly, bi-partisan effort that will improve the quality of life for all of the people in the tri-state. Who says government is wasteful and inefficient? Those Dubious Doubters must have never witnessed the visionary leadership at Cincinnati City Clowncil!

image006image007WTF – don’t these idiots have anything better to do?  Maybe they could take a drive up to the west side of the city and look at the total destruction of neighborhoods brought on by Section- 8 housing and da yoofs wit nuttin’ betta to do, ‘den rob some ol’ ass white bitches. 

image006Nothing would improve the efficiency at the Plum Street Play Pen like making every day a “Bring Your Dog To Work Day.”

image006Maybe Clown-cil Gay Squealback can’t wait to get home to have his leg humped.

image006And, if they want to be so dog friendly, tell those nine morons to pet a few of those vicious pit bulls roaming throughout Price Hill and Westwood. Maybe they could even stop by a few of the houses and admire the scars left by pit bull attacks on children.  What a great humanitarian story that would be, and just think about all the photo ops for their election campaigns next year!

image006We really love our diversity on the West side and, we look forward to bringing our dogs to City Hall, too, just like every day when Judge Susan brings her poopers to the Federal Building.image008image003image015