ial “Gorilla Lives Matter” E-dition


Black People Cry “Racism” After Gorilla Shot and Killed to Save Boy at Zoo Who Fell Into Exhibit (When They Thought That Boy Was White)

image004Last night in our “Monday Message” E-dition, The Blower exclusively reported that big Gorilla Lives Matter protest for the killing of Harambe at the Cincinnati Zoo after the Drudge Report said the murdered Gorilla-American had been seen protecting a child.  

image007 - Copy (2)Tuesday The Fishwrap confirmed investigators were “looking at the facts and circumstances” that led a four-year-old boy to end up in the moat surrounding the Cincinnati Zoo’s gorilla exhibit. Lt. Steve Saunders said “it’s too early to say whether it was recklessness on the part of the parent.” But Hamilton County Prosecutor “Jaywalking Joe” Deters said after the police investigation is completed, his office will “confer with” police about possible criminal charges.

image007 - Copy (2)image007In the beginning, Our Always Politically Correct Local Kneepad Liberals In The Press withheld any mention about the race of the child or his parents (Shown At Right), which might have been a pretty good idea, since the most ludicrous objections for killing Harambe came from those who actually believed the Gorilla-American was killed because of Racism.

image007 - Copy (2)BizPac Review says Conservative author and commentator Mark Dice uncovered some of the most outrageous tweets, including a slew that referred to the child as a “white boy” and one that called the killing an act of “white privilege.” At that time Dice pointed out in his video the race of the child was still unknown. But it has since been reported by several news organizations that the child is, in fact, Black. [READ MORE HERE]

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