Special “Bluegrass DemocRAT Voter Fraud Update” E-dition


TUESDAY, MAY 24, 2016

Did Determined DemocRAT Presidential Hopeful Bernie Sanders actually ask Kentucky officials to review the votes from last week’s Bluegrass primary?

image004Bluegrass Bureau Chief Ken Camboo says somebody at the Sanders Campaign must’ve read Sunday’s “Bluegrass DemocRAT Voter Fraud” E-dition, where the Gateway Pundit reported the Clinton Campaign had been accused of Mass Cheating in the Kentucky Primary (4,000 Votes Scratched to give Hillary the win).

In Pike County, card readers reportedly malfunctioned and votes were fully erased. The Pike County Clerk’s office told local Kentucky station WKYT there were issues with one of their card readers which caused a delay in the numbers and as a result, the AP then erased Sanders’ votes, pushing Hillary to the lead by over 4,000 votes. [READ MORE HERE]

Or maybe it was the way Kentucky’s Clintonista Secretary of State Alison Wondergams Grimes was unable to conceal her over the top support for Hillary to the extent that she actually gloated over Bernie’s “loss.” Videos show she declared Crooked Hillary the winner despite 20% of the vote remaining to be counted.

Observers say they’d NEVER seen a state SOS in charge of elections so openly partisan in favor of one candidate over another. Donald Trump says it was like Alison was auditioning to be in Crooked Hillary’s future cabinet.

The CamBoozler wonders if after Thursday’s recanvass, we’ll be calling our Secretary of State Crooked Alison.  image007image003image006