Special “More Racial Unrest” E-dition

april 12 more racial unrest

TUESDAY, APRIL 12, 2016      

Because Race Relations Under Obama Have Not Improved

image005 - Copy Whistleblower Pollster Ron Rasmussen says the percentage of Americans who say they worry about race relations has reached its highest level in 15 years, according to a Gallup survey released Monday. The rising concern about race relations as the nation’s first black president completes his last year in office is a retreat from the optimism that swept the country in the immediate aftermath of President Barack Obama’s first election win in 2008. A Gallup poll one night after Obama won found that seven in 10 Americans believed race relations would improve because of his victory,” the poll analysis reads.

Maybe that’s why The Blower received several copies of today’s commentary just this week:

What If All The Blacks Suddenly Left America, Which Is 13.3% Of The Total U.S. Population:

image006The prison population would go down by 37%,

image006There would be 53% less gang members,

image006Average IQ would go up 7.4 points, putting us 3rd in the world tied with Japan,

image006Average SAT scores would go up almost 100 points,

image006Average ACT scores would go up 5.5 points.

image006AIDS & HIV would go down by 65%,

image006Chlamydia cases would go down 54%,

image006Gonorrhea would go down 69%,

image006Syphilis would go down 58%.

image006The average income for Americans would go UP over $20,000 a year,

image006Amount of people in poverty would drop 34%,

image006Homelessness would go down 57%,

image006Welfare recipients would go down by 42%,


image006And, many criminal defense attorneys would have to find another line of work!

Yes, Black Lives DO Matter!image006 - Copyimage003image016