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Special “Wednesday’s Wild Cards” E-dition



Tonight’s Really Big Story

Whistleblower Senior National Political Affairs Analyst Britt Humus says the next GOP contests are on Super Tuesday – that’s six days from now. Disingenuous DemocRATS will be back at it again in three days, with the Saturday’s South Carolina primary. And don’t forget, we have a date to watch the GOP debates tomorrow night in Houston. Ted Cruz needs Texas. Marco Rubio will need Florida. John Kasich will need Ohio. And Ben Carson will need a miracle.image004image017

 Other Stories The Blower Will Be Tracking Tonight Include:

image006 - CopyTRUMPH’S TRIUMPH: The Los Angeles Times may have just figured it out. Republican leaders who view Donald Trump as a pox on their party have finally settled on a strategy: Resist him as long as they can. Then figure out how to retreat gracefully.image007

image006 - CopyTHIS GUY MUST BE NUTS: (Following another second-place finish to Donald Trump in the Nevada GOP caucus, Florida Senator Marco Rubio argued Wednesday that candidates don’t win presidential primaries simply by winning individual states.) Silly us! Up till now we’ve always thought the guy who won the most states (and delegates) got the nomination.image009

image006 - CopyOBAMA OPENS BORDER FOR IMMIGRANTS WITH SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES: The Examiner reports Obama has decided to let immigrants with three sexually transmitted diseases known for causing sores or lesions on genitalia to enter the United States, an expansion of a previous decision to let in those with HIV. The Department of Health and Human Services this month opened the borders to those with the STDs, deeming the communicable diseases not a big threat to the United States. A report from the Center for Immigration Studies said that HHS does not believe that the costs to taxpayers to handle the immigrants with STDs will be significant. Now, said the Center, the list of inadmissible communicable diseases only includes syphilis, gonorrhea, tuberculosis, and leprosy.image010

image006 - CopyPOLITICIANS RIGHT TO LIE: (The Legal Lying Season may now continue. Politicians have been legally lying ever since Liberal Whacko Judge Tim Black ruled in favor of COAST’s Avaricious Attorney Chris Finney’s case to allow politicians the “Right to Lie” during political campaigns, and now an Ohio law barring people from knowingly or recklessly making false statements about candidates has been ruled unconstitutional, according to a federal appeals court today. “Ohio’s political false-statements laws are content-based restrictions targeting core political speech that are not narrowly tailored to serve the state’s admittedly compelling interest in conducting fair elections,” the three-judge panel said. Supposedly, the proper response to false statements in politics is  “not to force silence, but to encourage truthful speech in response, and to let the voters, not the government, decide what the political truth is.” Or, as Noted Legal Observer Amicus Curiae says, “When a candidate tells lies about his opponent, the opponent gets to tell lies about the candidate, and voters can decide which lies to believe.”image012

image006 - Copyimage011CONGRESSMAN WENSTRUP’S UN-ENDORSEMENT. (Clermont County Republicans may not have “unendorsed” Ohio Second District Podiatrist/ Congressman “Bronze Star Brad” Wenstrup earlier this month, but with only 20 more days till the Ohio Primary Election on March 15, Phil Burr-ass at Citizens for Community Values endorsed Jim Lewis in that race.)    Maybe “Bronze Star” just forgot to apply.





Bernie Sanders, who claimed that “racist efforts” are behind the moves to undermine Obama. “What you are seeing today in this Supreme Court situation is nothing more than the continuous and unprecedented obstructionism that President Obama has gone through,” Sanders said at a town hall in Columbia, South Carolina, Tuesday night.image016image003

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