Special “Conservative Voter Advisory” E-dition



Today’s The Last Day To Register To Vote In Ohio

A graphic promoting the Voter Registration Deadline

At this morning’s meeting of the Conservative Agenda, Political Insiders were wondering if all those Persons of Consequence who subscribe to The Blower needed to be reminded that today is the last day to register to vote before the March 15 primary election!

“Probably not,” said Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane. “Our subscribers can’t wait to vote, but maybe we should put something out there for their friends, since so many our subscribers pass along our e-ditions to other Conservatives.”

But we could always tell people who have moved or plan to vote for the first time to visit the Board of Elections website to download Ohio’s voter registration form today, because all registration forms must be postmarked by today. image007

And we could also tell people that if the want to vote absentee in the March 15 primary, they can send in an absentee ballot request form to the Board of Elections on any day up to March 12. They can download an absentee ballot request form from the Board of Elections website here. image008

And down at the Hamilton County RINO Party Headquarters, Party Boss Alex T., Mall Cop GOP is probably telling people that voting in the Republican primary is the official way to affiliate themselves as Republicans in the state of Ohio. If a voter would like to be recognized as an official Republican by the Board of Elections and the state of Ohio, voting in the Republican Primary is the only way to do so. 

Meanwhile, at Hamilton County Demo-Labor Party Headquarters, Party Boss Tim Burka says don’t be surprised if you see his folks working on Hillary’s Voter Registration Drive this afternoon. image009


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