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Some of the other things hereabouts Reagan definitely wouldn’t have approved of during recent years include:

image005image007Remember when Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich lowered Ohio’s burgee and ran up the surrender flag, as he agreed to accept ObamaCare funding to expand his state’s Medicaid program, breaking ranks with fellow Republican governors and the TEA Party that elected him in 2010, and leaving his successors to handle the bankruptcy from all those freeloaders’ excessive use of medical treatments when the Feds quit paying. Even the crack dealer knows that business model that gives away “free” samples to get his customers hooked.

image005The Ludicrous Lack of Leadership in Hamilton County, the City of Cincinnati, and in Columbus: The good news? TEA Party Patriots may slowly be atching on that for any significant change to occur, they must first focus on local races that they could affect and eventually get a majority, and on the County and State Central Committees as well.

image005Giving another dime of over-taxed payers’ money to “Millionaire Mike” Brown and the Bungals.

image005image009How Disgraced Former Congresswoman “Mean Jean Schmidt” continuously embarrassed her Ohio Second Congressional District constituents, like that time she called Ronald Reagan’s supporters “Little Hitlers” at the 1984 Republican Convention?

image005How Mean Jean’s successor “Bronze Star Brad” WenSchmidt surivived a “no confidence” vote this week when Clermont County TEA Party and Establishment Republicans battled over whether to “UNENDORSE” Party Boss Dave Ubile’s Good Friend “Bronze Star Brad,” just because he and Ohio First District Congressman Steve Chabothead had betrayed the people who elected them and voted for the Paul Ryan-Obama omnibus budget in December?

image005Outrageous political reporting by the local news media, especially the totally discredited agenda at The FishWrap and the Forest Hills Urinal’s continued cover-up for Whacky Jacky O’Brien’s Illegitimate Masturbating Son Kevin, the candidate they helped get elected under false pretenses, as well as their blatant promotion for the Forrest Gump School’s Humongous Property Tax Hike, so Superintendent “Smiling Dallas” Jackson can blow $103 Million any which way he wants, that’ll really cost dumbed-down voters $170 million. Last year the so-called local news media didn’t even notice when same disgraced ex-Trustee got his revenge managing the campaign of the Dishonest Disguised Obama Liberal DemocRAT who ambushed long-time Anderson Township Trustee President “In Russ We Trust” Jackson by telling a lot of lies and successfully convinced a big bunch of dumbed-down voters that she was truly “non-partisan.” Voters in Anderson will still have 1,368 more days before they can undo that damage that was done.

image005The Greed Township Trustees’ passing over 98 qualified applicants to give that $50,000 make-work job to the Party Boss’ soon-to-be-former spouse as part of his alimony settlement.

image005Clintonista Judge Mr$. $tan Che$ley’s efforts to hand Judge John William’s Juvenile Court seat that he won fair-and-square to Disgruntled DemocRAT Tracie Hunter, now a Convicted DemocRAT sitting at home waiting to be a Incarcerated DemocRAT as she appeals her felony conviction.image010

image005Crooked Cronies in Clermont County using Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment (which states “Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican”) to cover up for Resigned-in-Disgrace County Commissioner Archie Wilson, as word came out about “investigations” and Archie’s fall from grace in Northern Kentucky, when The Blower predicted a real “Jimmy Swaggart Moment” for our Bible-thumping, TEA Party banner-waving Commissioner, who wanted to turn downtown Batavia into a junk yard, one way or another.

image005But despite that Eleventh Commandment, Reagan surely would’ve called WLW Hate Radio Trash Talker Bill Cunningham a “draft dodger.”

image005image019And in Northern Kentucky, Reagan would certainly be ashamed Eric ‘Call Me Crazy, Big Mouth, Most Sanctioned, Ambulance Chaser, No Count of a Radio Host, Shameless Self Promoter, Willie Wannabe, Why Haven’t I Been Disbarred, Who Likes Bulldogs and Failed Roadhouse Operator’ Deters had ever identified himself as a Republican, especially after “Crazy Eric” got himself suspended in Ohio, as well as Kentucky.

Reagan would’ve thoroughly approved of that 6th Circuit Court of Appeals decision where the Crazy One got laughed out of court by a three-judge panel instead of just the usual one trial judge. Seems the 6th Circuit’s judges, whom Crazy always said were more fair to him than esteemed US District Court Judges William Bertelsmann and Danny Reeves, agreed that our Good Friend Kenton County Commonwealth Attorney E. Rob Sanders did nothing wrong in the prosecution of NoKY’s (first) notorious sex-ed teacher, Nicole Howell, who should thank her lucky stars that she’s not reading this in prison.

image005Back in Ohio, The Blower recalls waiting to see if U.S. District Judge Mike Barrett had everything well in hand when he ruled on excluding statements by Kenneth Douglas, who had “Necro-Sex” with more than a hundred cadavers in his 16 years as a night attendant at the Hamilton County Morgue. [READ MORE HERE]

image005image012One thing hereabouts Reagan probably would approve of would be the way Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane is always quoting him to Political Insiders at Conservative Agenda Meetings. You bet! As the publication of record for all the political scrambling, speculation, mud-slinging, and back-stabbing in the Tri-state, our readers know to expect nothing less.

image005Kane’s favorite Reagan quote has always been: “My fellow Americans, I am pleased to tell you I just signed legislation which outlaws Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.” Can’t you just imagine Obama doing something like that today?

image005In Northern Kentucky, Reagan would approve of the fact that only Republicans are allowed to win elections, and he would thoroughly approve of the way The Robster puts all those Obama supporters in jail.

image005One group that has perverted the Reagan legacy is Republicans for Higher Taxes (which used to be more active than they are at the moment) with its agenda of higher taxes, runaway spending, and frequent support for DemocRATS. Their motto has always been: “You need to tighten your belt, so the government doesn’t have to tighten theirs.” They are hardly alone. 

image005But one thing’s for sure, neither Reagan nor Lincoln would be attending next Friday night’s Hamilton County RINO Party’s Lincoln-Reagan Dinner. Which is why our Quote for Today Committee chose Reagan’s “Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.”


image005Not only are our local RINOs political prostitutes, they continue to be wimps. Since they still spend all their time trying to be loved by the very people who’re out to destroy them, it’s no wonder they’re still “Wandering in the Wilderness.” Liberals still have our dumbed-down Republicans on defense, which is exactly why Hamilton County turned “Blue” under the same lack of leadership, just as The Blower predicted all those years ago.

image005In a recent e-dition, we said if one of our Reaganites would like to submit a Top Ten List of Reagan Quotes, we’d certainly consider publishing it, and one of our favorite Conservative Contributors said, “How about posting this YouTube video?  It was Ronald Reagan’s entire “A Time for Choosing” speech, given in support of Barry Goldwater for President in 1964 – 16 years BEFORE Reagan ran for President.  The speech was not only stunning for its wisdom, but chilling in that it portrayed what we are going through now.

The first five minutes of his speech will explain that the Disingenuous DemocRATS in the White House and Congress haven’t changed since 1964. Give it a listen and see if you don’t agree this entire speech was brilliant. Not only that: Reagan wrote his own speeches and didn’t have to use a teleprompter, even once!


image005image015And our Liberal Liars Award Committee will really be busy this afternoon, because just about anything a Liberal says about Ronald Reagan on his birthday today will surely be a lie.

image005Finally, as Real Republicans wonder when Ronald Reagan will assume his rightful place on Mount Rushmore, The Blower wonders how many times will Ronald Reagan’s legacy be exploited today on his 104TH birthday. Let us count the ways. Conservatives have only to check their e-mail in-boxes this morning. And just think—for only $29.95, you can get a Life-Size Ronald Reagan Cardboard Cut Out. Such a deal! You can even take your picture standing next to it and e-mail it to all your phony Facebook friends.image003


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Some Reagan-loving items in today’s Blower were sent in by our equally Reagan-loving subscribers, but let’s face it, we could always use a lot more. image003

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