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Special “Facebook Fiasco” E-dition



And They Are Being Deprived From Getting The News

image004So far today, all of Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane’s Faux Facebook Friends missed our More “Caucus Cartoons” E-dition, where the Cost-per-Delegate Was Beyond Astronomical!; our Official “Clermont Crony Caucus Election Results” E-dition, where voters were “Bamboozled in Batavia!”; our Special “Black Lives Really, Really Matter History Month” E-dition, where that NAALCP Chapter President Resigned After Telling That TV News Bimbo She Had “Nice Tits”; our “Innovations In America” E-dition, where Whistleblower Innovations Expert Edison Tadwell covered the announcement of a new product here this afternoon, when Apple Computer demonstrated a computer chip that can store and play Bose-stereo music from women’s breast implants; and our Special “Noxious News Notes” E-dition, where the Iowa Caucus may be over, but the stench of those DemocRAT Caucuses lingers on.

Now Political Insiders at the Conservative Agenda are narrowing down that list of Dishonest DemocRATS who most likely falsely claimed that Charles Foster Kane, who’s only been the Beloved Whistleblower Publisher for the past 25 years, might not have been a “real person.”image007