Special “Bye, Bye Barry” E-dition



Actually, This Would’ve Been Our Final Correct Prediction for 2015

         image003 - CopyThe Blower was all set to work on a big story today about how “Mean Jean” Schmidt’s Ex Chief-of-Staff/Campaign Manager had been fired from Dr. Ben Carson’s 2016 Presidential Campaign, when reports started appearing on the Whistleblower Newswire claiming Carson’s Campaign Manager Barry Bennett and Communications Director Doug Watts had “quit” or “resigned.”

         Having written about Barry’s Blunders for many years, The Blower says, obviously, a person can always claim he’s “resigned” when he’s the one sending out the press release.  

Carson learned from Trump how to say…….YOU’RE FIRED !!!!

image009Our Clermont County Crony was not surprised to see that Barry Bennett no longer with the Carson campaign, but what surprised many people was that he didn’t stay long enough to embroil the candidate in a scandal involving the Turkish government like he did with “Mean Jean” Schmidt.

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image009In Washington, our DC Newbreaker says Bennett has always been the step-and-fetch it for the Bushie Establishment bosses. When there was dirty work to be done……….smearing or smashing a Conservative……planting lies with lefty reporters and now corrupt bloggers, Barry was the go to guy. Karl Rove planted him wherever a Conservative needed stomped on.  Naturally, he worked in the Portman/Schmidt machines.

Finally, Barry  got his own gig with Dr. Ben Carson.  He used his service as a Bush/Portman/Schmidt operative to parlay himself into his own big-time slot for the first time.

image009Whistleblower Senior National Political Affairs Analyst Britt Humus explains: the uninitiated (like Carson) thought names like Bush and Portman were credible Republicans and not just (as Ted Cruz calls them) The Washington Cartel.

Now that millions of dollars of contributions have been siphoned off to the Bush/Rove vendors (with Bennett finally getting some walking-around money for himself), Dr. Carson has sadly learned what scum these people really are.

Clermont County flushed the whole Schmidt/Portman/Bennett crowd a couple of years ago.

Dr. Carson did it today. 

The GOP will in February and March!image003image027