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Special “The Week That Was” E-dition

week that was

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Your Whistleblower Week in Review    

image007image006MONDAY (March 16), in our Official “Wearin’ of the Green” Issue, The Blower asked, “Did Trish the Dish really say it doesn’t look like Spring because St. Patrick didn’t see his shadow?”

image007TUESDAY (March 17), in our Special “St. Patrick’s Day Hangover” E-dition, The Blower said, “When Casual Racism Against the Irish Is OK!”

image007TUESDAY (March 17), in our Special “Israeli Election” E-dition,  The Blower asked “Is Obama trying to ruin Israel like he’s done to America?”

image007TUESDAY (March 17), in our Special “Bibi Wins” E-dition, The Blower asked, “So when will Obama be calling to concede”

image007WEDNESDAY (March 18), in our Special “Israeli Election Analysis” E-dition, The Blower asked, “Did they vote for Bibi or against Obama?”

image007THURSDAY (March 19), in our Special “Remembering Shock and Awe” E-dition, The Blower said, “Bush called it “Operation Iraqi Freedom!”

image007FRIDAY (March 20) in our “Just Another Guest Column” E-dition, The Blower said, “It’s still the same old BS!”

image007FRIDAY (March 20) in our “Special “BB & BJ Day” Edition, The Blower said, “This year, Ladies, give your guy what he really wants!”

image007AND SATURDAY (March 21) in our Special “March Madness” E-dition, The Blower said, “It was all that hype will allow!


 This Week’s Top Stories

image007image007OUR NUMBER ONE OBAMANATION STORY THIS WEEK was when Obama tried to fix Tuesday’s Israeli Elections to ensure that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanayhu would not be re-elected.

image007OUR NUMBER TWO OBAMANATION STORY THIS WEEK was when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defied the mainstream media and the Obama administration with a stunning, come-from-behind victory.

image007AND OUR NUMBER THREE OBAMANATION STORY THIS WEEK was in the wake of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decisive re-election, Obama’s Temper Tantrum continued, Obama Supporters in the Press persisted attacking Netanyahu, Obama cuts a Video to the Iranian people praising Ayatollah Khamenei, and Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry began looking for moderate members of Hamas to arm, as Republican House Speaker John Boehner announced his own victory celebration in Israel during an upcoming congressional break, just to give Liberals something else to whine about.


 Edward Cropper’s World

Today, PHOTO-SHOP EDITORIAL SPOOFER EDWARD CROPPER shows us a what happened when Glenn Beck announced he was quitting the Republican Party.


You can see more of Mr. Cropper’s fine work HERE.


Special Notice for Cincinnati Bell Customers

         image010The Blower would like to apologize to Persons of Consequence on the Exclusive Whistleblower E-mail List who unfortunately happen to be Fuse.Net and Zoomtown.com customers, including Andy Pappas, Ann Becker, and Brian Shrive.

The reason you folks haven’t received your daily media advisories from The Blower for the past five days is because Fuse.net and Zoomtown continue to mislabeled all communications from The Blower as “spam,” and those geniuses running Cincinnati Bell don’t even have a telephone number to call and report it. 

How screwed up is that?


 This Week’s Top Item On The Conservative Agenda

Sluts in the Suburbs

image012Just when you thought The Morning Fishwrap couldn’t find something else on the Liberal Agenda to promote, Feckless Fishwrapper Richardson wrote a really big story promoting A&E’s “Neighbors with Benefits” reality TV show premiering on March 22 starring Suburban Sluts in Warren County’s Hamilton Township who “swap partners and engage in extramarital relationships as they go about their regular lives as parents, professionals, soccer moms and little league coaches.” Rachel also said the show gave new meaning to the phrase “bedroom community.”

 A&E says “Neighbors with Benefits” is a wholesome family program about neighbors and friends who attend parties as married couples for the purpose of switching spouses and having sex.

 Other current items on The Conservative Agenda will just have to wait, including: Obama’s Leadership, The Clinton Legacy, Other Dishonest Democrats, Obama’s Secret Service, Biden’s Blunders, Obama Supporters In The Press, DemocRATS In Disarray, Polling For Trolls, Veterans, Racial Healing, Amnesty For Future DemocRATS, Baby Killing, and Making Sure Not To Hurt The Feelings Of All Those Murdering Muslim Bastards.


 This Week’s Liberal Liars Award

image013Goes to Ronald Machen, Obama’s Black outgoing U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, who claims he has not acted on a contempt of Congress charge against former IRS official Lois Lerner because he doesn’t want to appear sexist (the mind boggles), just like Obama’s Disgraced Black Attorney General Eric Holder told him. 


Reverse Racism in Cincinnati

image015On yet the most recent mess of deadbeat Black woman Liz Rogers, who has been coddled by officials for so many years she thinks she can’t be touched, we now have a report she lured the tow truck driver from the United Dairy Farmers in West Chester to her luxury house, defrauding him when she got there by driving her Mercedes into her garage, then closing the garage door so he couldn’t hook up the car. 

A report says her husband allegedly came out of the house carrying a bag full of cash, $10,000, telling the truck driver to give it to the loan company.

image052Here are some comments by citizens on the web sites of WLWT and WXIX about this story: 

David T. Ogden:  “Rogers, Bennett and the Cincinnati city council…a real three ring circus.”

Dawn Goodale:  “If she can steal over-taxed payers’ money and not have to repay all of it and then turn around and open another establishment, is complete BS.”

Robert RJ Myers:  “At least we know where the money she claimed was embezzled for her went.  A nice new Mercedes.  I wonder if her attorney is working pro bono since she can’t pay her debts to the city or a car payment.”

Feeler Steeler:  “She’s a nincompoop just like Tracie Hunter.  They think they’s above the law.  Lock them up and throw away the key.”

Eastsider3:  “She can share a cell with Judge Hunter.”

Libera_Free:  “…She needs to get a real job and pay her bills.”

thinker:  “Oh not Clyde Bennett is her lawyer.  That means somehow it will be the fault of someone else other than her.”

Righttrack:  “Sources reported that she drove the vehicle home, under the pretext of removing and securing her “service weapon,” then drove her Mercedes into the garage and put the door down, preventing the vehicle from being repossessed. She later gave the repo company $10,000 in cash to pay off the car, but can’t afford to pay the over-taxed payers back more than $800/month. Go figure.”

And let’s not forget that she was also given a $700,000 grant of over-taxed payers money for the restaurant, which is supposed to be repaid if the business failed. That was in the terms of the grant. So she actually received $1 million in over-taxed payers’ dollars. Somebody needs to check the casinos and see how much money she spent there over the last three years.”

Did idiot city manager Harry Black–who has only been in Cincinnati six months–demand a lien on that Mercedes as collateral on the $100,000 sweetheart deal his made with deadbeat Liz?  We bet it didn’t even cross his mind in his eagerness to stiff the over-taxed payers. 

Did Diminutive DemocRAT Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley play a big part in this stinking deal?

The Blower says you get the idea this was a bad deal, when even our Feckless Fishwrappers had to say, “The deal stinks.”


Whistleblower War on Political Correctness


Being Politically Correct means always having to say you’re sorry, according to all those Dumbed-Down, Self-Absorbed, Media-Influenced, Celebrity-Obsessed, Politically-Correct, Uninformed, Short-Attention-Span, Free-Stuff Grabbing, Low-Information Obama Voters Who Put Obama In The White House—Twice, and get all of their information from our Obama Supporters in the Press, who would rather ride to downtown Cincinnati on a bus and stand in line for three hours to vote, than mail in absentee ballots.

        image052 Now Here’s Today’s Politically Incorrect Joke: WLW Hate Radio Trash Talking Racist-in- Residence Bill Cunningham told us this one: A black guy walks into a bar with a parrot on his shoulder. The bartender says, “Hey, that’s pretty neat, where’d you get him?” and the parrot replies, “Africa, there’s millions of them!”


The Feck Stops Here

image018The Fishwrap went gaga over Obama’s choice of Todd Jones to run the scandal plagued ATF Bureau, because Obama’s affirmative action law enforcement appointee was a 1975 graduate from Wyoming High School in Cincinnati. But curiously, we don’t see the same excitement when Cincinnati’s failed ATF Director resigned suddenly on Friday while the agency was still reeling from its failed “backdoor ammo ban” of the popular 5.56 M855 bullet. 

The record of Obama’s choices of Failed Members of his Failed Administration from Cincinnati has really been amazing, and have now been added to Transgenders Just Looking for a Place to Pee, Over-Sexed Swingers in the Suburbs, Perverted Physicians, and Corpsefuckers at the Morgue, along with PC (If It’s Politically Correct, You Can’t Object), Tree Hugging, Keeping People From Smoking, Diversity Uber Alles, Unions Blues, Fanatical Feminists, Supporting Sodomy Rites, Global Warming: G-Uncontrol, Liberal Brainwashing In Schools, Voting Rights For People Who Are Too Stupid To Vote, Streetcars, Scalping the Washington Redskins, and Giving Away Free Stuff With Your Money.

But why should any of this surprise you? After all, don’t our Feckless Fishwrappers always say:  It’s not Baseball, Mom, or Apple Pie that have always made our area great, it’s our “Disgraceful Diversity.” 


 In Northern Kentucky

image020Bluegrass Bureau Chief Ken CamBoo says he really likes seeing stories about Thomas Massie in the press, because they usually piss off the Liberals, like that recent item reporting our NoKy Congressman explaining how Washington could help foot the bill for a new Brent Spence Bridge and Western Hills Viaduct, just be stop spending money on stupid streetcars, light rail, and bike trails.

Can’t you just hear all of Cincinnati’s Stupid Streetcar Six squealing now? 


More Politics Unusual

image007image022HURLEY THE HISTORIAN says on this date in 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Beer and Wine Revenue Act, setting the stage for repeal prohibition when states passed the 21st Amendment. No wonder FDR got re-elected so many times. Award Winning Photo Illustrator Artis Conception remembers to celebrate that occasion a couple of years ago, Cincinnati symphony conductor Paavo Jarvi was arrested after he passed out dead drunk on Columbia Parkway with his car still running. 

image007THAT’S WHY OUR QUOTE FOR TODAY COMMITTEE chose MADD’s “Don’t forget impairment starts with the first drink and driving impaired is a crime.”

image007THE LATEST POLLS: Whistleblower Pollster Ron Rasmussen says Congress may not be voters’ favorite group of people, but when it comes to matters of war and peace, they want Congress to decide. Voters aren’t happy with the letter 47 Republican senators sent to the Iranian government raising concerns about the nuclear deal the Obama administration is negotiating with Iran, but most believe that any deal the administration negotiates with the Iranians needs to be approved by Congress before it goes into effect. Part of the problem is that 60% believe Iran is not likely to slow or stop its development of nuclear weapons as a result of the treaty the administration is now negotiating.   [READ MORE HERE]

image007image023OUR LATE NIGHT TV JOKEWATCHER liked Seth Meyers’ “March Madness is officially underway and there have already been some major upsets. For instance, I told my wife I was going to watch basketball all weekend and she was really upset.


image025image007LIBERAL LUNACY: In Human Events’ “365 Ways to Drive a Liberal Crazy,” #77 says: Instead of “Progressive,” always use the words “Oppressive” or “Regressive.” When called on this, feign puzzlement. “But how is it progress to steal free citizens’ liberties, money, and hope, and hand it all over to government bureaucrats?”

image007image026GOING GALT means taking the John Galt Pledge. Let’s all say it together: “I swear by my life, and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.”  

image007image021THIS WEEKS SEEDIEST KID OF ALL WAS “LITTLE GREGGIE” DELEV, an unhappy 14-year-old Anderson Township second-grader who was never chosen for anything important, no matter how much he sucked up to everybody at school.  [READ MORE HERE]

“Your Money’s Worth”
told what happened when the Coalition Opposing Unemployed Politicians came up with the idea of electing nine county commissioners instead of three. This op-ed column first appeared in the feisty Mt. Washington Press, personally edited by eminently renowned publisher Dennis Nichols on March 18, 1981. 

image007image030NOW HERE’S THE LATEST FROM BUNKY TADWELL (THE ODIOUS OCTEGENARIAN). Just in time to enjoy the warmer Spring weather, we found this in his “Turning the Other Cheek,” found in better bookstores everywhere, except in Cleves. 

Spring Fashions
The girls have started a fashion trend
Which I think is nuts
They drop their pants for some guy
To put a tattoo on their butts.

A & E’s new reality series “Sluts in the Suburbs” is a show about neighbors and friends who attend parties as married couples for the purpose of switching spouses and having sex. Over at Citizens for Community Values, Phil Burr-ass says, whatever you do, Jesus will know if you’re watching it next Sunday night, March 22 at 10:00 pm. Some of the Sluts Neighbors in the local Home Owners Association sent a letter to all the media telling them they are not a swinger community, but Philanderers in the Press are ignoring that letter. 

image007image039WHISTLEBLOWER SENIOR BUSINESS EDITOR MERRILL FORBES says according to CBS News Moneywatch, the time has nearly arrived to see if the U.S. economy can walk on its own, as the Federal Reserve starts to withdraw the monetary crutches it has used to keep the recovery moving forward ever since the financial crisis. Borrowing costs are going us, so plan accordingly.

image007image040THE FREE GRAIN PARTY still stands as the last refuge of anyone willing to help himself from the stores of others.

This week Free-Grainers are wondering who’ll be paying for all those expensive, new entitlements to the Free Stuff Army, Obama has proposed.  Yet another “tax the rich” scheme that, if enacted (which is unlikely) would eventually plunder working-class families. But to Loony Liberals, that’s what tax “reform” is all about.

Free Grain Party Members include all DemocRATS, RINO Republicans, some TEA Partiers, quite a few Independents, disgruntled postal workers, senior citizens demanding free prescriptions, those who believe bigger government is the answer to all their problems, everybody who said “what Bill Clinton did was indefensible, but he shouldn’t be removed from office,” and those who think pork-barrel spending is OK as long as their district gets the money.

         Unfortunately, that group probably doesn’t include all those Dumbed-Down, Self-Absorbed, Media-Influenced, Celebrity-Obsessed, Politically-Correct, Uninformed, Short-Attention-Span, Free-Stuff Grabbing, Low-Information Obama Supporters Who Put Obama In The White House—Twice, and get all of their information from our Obama Supporters in the Press.

image007image042FINALLY AT YESTERDAY’S MEETING OF CONSERVATIVE AGENDA THIS WEEK, Political Insiders were asking Charles Foster Kane about Whistleblower Senior Spoiled Sports Editor Andy Furball’s prediction that Spring doesn’t actually arrive in the tri-state until UC Bearcat basketball fans are home watching the Kentucky Wildcats totally destroying the UC Bearcats on TV. Pete Rose’s Bookie was right,” Kane explained. “If you took UC plus twelve points against the now 36-0 Kentucky Wildcats, you lost!”

image052 Plagiarism Count: Unattributed material was filched from a mere 742 different websites for the production of today’s Blower.



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image007image045Monday (March 23) we’ll be going on Spring Break, to avoid think about those 669 more days of bad government remaining during the Dark Ages of Obama’s Second Term, unless he’s impeached.

image007Tuesday (March 24) we’ll be we reviewing Sunday night’s A&E “Sluts in the Suburbs” reality TV show starring your neighbors in Warren County’s Hamilton Township who “swap partners and engage in extramarital relationships as they go about their regular lives as parents, professionals, soccer moms and little league coaches,” and we’ll see what our Real E-Mails from Real Subscribers have to say about that.

image007Wednesday (March 25), The Blower we’ll be checking to see of those geniuses who run Cincinnati Bell are still depriving all those Persons of Consequence on Fuse.net and Zoomtown.com from receiving their daily Whistleblower media advisories by mislabeling every e-mail they see coming from The Blower’s computers as “spam.”

image007Thursday (March 26 ) we’ll be celebrating “Make Your Own Holiday Day,” which allows you to make today a special day for anything you want, and our Good Friend Bobby Leach wonders if it’s a little too soon to repeat BB&BJ Day.

image007The first line of Friday’s (March 27) limerick is:There once was an Old April Fool.”

image007And Saturday (March 28) we’ll be checking to see if Black Cincinnati City Manager Harry Black and forgiven the balance of  Black Deadbeat Liz Rogers’ loan.

image052Remember: We never print all the bad stuff we know and certain people ought to be damn glad we don’t, especially all those Affirmative Action Aficionados on Cincinnati City Clown-cil!


 Only Nine More Days to Complain

  image048Remember: We never print all the bad stuff we know and certain people ought to be damn glad we don’t, especially Hamilton County’s Disingenuous Double-Dipping Democrat Auditor, who still hasn’t explained exactly how his office came up with its Fair Property Values for your Jacked-Up Property Taxes that were due on Ground Hog’s Day. 

Award Winning Photo Illustrator Artis Conception shows us what that might’ve looked like.

Fortunately, you may still file a formal complaint with the Hamilton County Board of Revision until a week from Monday on March 31, which is only nine days away.




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Whistleblower Video of the Day

 What Liberals Really Think About the TEA Party

image051(Sent in by Women’s History Month Faux Facebook Friend Kathy Shockey Groob, [2,054 Friends, 31 Mutual Friends], Known Affectionately to Whistleblower Readers as our DemocRAT Dominatrix from Northern Kentucky)

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